1. Act friendly when you see them

If you act emotionally when you run into him, he will use it against you.

He will say, “you’re acting crazy or dramatic” or say that “you are too much.” well, if you act perfectly fine and like nothing ever happened between you, he will be yearning for the drama of your once-tumultuous relationship.

But guess what? You are drama free now, baby!

2. Cut them off 100 percent

You guys broke up, but are you still poking at each other here and there via text?

Try cutting off all communication and they will be left wondering where you are and what you are doing.

Or better yet, who are you doing.

3. Post a really hot selfie

Every breakup needs a post-breakup-extremely-hot selfie.

Men are visual creatures and one look at that post-breakup-extremely-hot selfie and they may die.

Like actually die because you are hot af and they can’t have you.

4. Post pictures of you with dudes

It’s so easy to make a guy jealous. Just post some pictures of you with dudes.

Whether they are potential love interests or just friends, he is bound to hate it.

Special bonus points if he doesn’t know them and then he is left trying to figure out who they are!

5. Don’t ask them anything about themselves

You don’t need to know what they are up to. You don’t need to know how they are doing.

And if you don’t ask, maybe they will finally understand that your world doesn’t revolve around them.

H/T: Guff.com