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5 Ways To Know If You’re Actually In Love Or Just Infatuated

5 Ways To Know If You’re Actually In Love Or Just Infatuated

Real love is connection, friendship and happiness. Just remember that there really isn’t anything wrong whether you’re feeling love, infatuation, or something else. As long as you’re happy in your relationship, you’re good.

1. Your feelings for partner have been constant for awhile

Think about how long you’ve been with bae and whether or not your feelings have changed.

In general, infatuation is very intense but short-lived.

Some say that infatuation can last for about four to six months, but there really are no hard and fast rules.

If you find yourself more attracted to partner than ever and you’ve been together for a couple years, it could be love.

2. You accept someone flaws and all

If you are happy to take someone exactly as they are, flaws and all, that points to love.

If you’re wondering what supposed flaws I’m talking about, it may indicate being infatuated with bae. Infatuation is where you think that your so is absolutely perfect.

You could still be in the honeymoon stage and have yet to realize that even bae has little quirks and odd habits.

3. You feel connected to bae on all levels

Do you feel a strong connection to bae emotionally, mentally, and physically, or does one seem to dominate?

If physical attraction wins out, it might be infatuation.

If you find yourself connecting on different levels, and you want to explore all of those connections even more, the roads could be leading to love.

4. Your feelings are like a really intense crush

Do you describe the feelings you have towards bae like the ones you have about one of your celebrity crushes?

Or, would you say that they’re more complex than that?

Infatuation is similar to a star crush while love has many layers.

Infatuation can be forgotten about, but love continues to develop.

5. Sex is the first thing you think about

As soon as you see bae, are you basically drooling and picturing him/her naked?

Or, was it like that to start, but now you’re cool whether you hook up or you just chat?

The majority of relationships will start with a cannot-keep-my-hands-off-you stage.

The difference is that infatuation usually ends after a short period of time while love will continue.

If it’s love, you’ll realize that intense infatuation cannot last forever, but you will be keen to explore other areas with bae.

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