5 Things Your Man Secretly Wants You To Do


Men would never want to make you feel like you aren’t enough for them.

Men don’t want you to think that they’re being ungrateful.

So instead of asking you to do something, they’ll just keep quiet.

And that’s not your fault. You’re not a mind-reader. They can’t expect you to know everything if they don’t tell you about it. But alas, they are shy. And you are still kept in the dark. But not anymore.

Just read on until the end of this article to find out the most common things that guys are too shy to ask their girls to do in a relationship

1. Try new things with him in bed.

He might be too shy to tell you, but it’s likely that your man wants to do some new things with you in the bedroom. He just doesn’t want to scare you away by asking.

2. Avoid gossip and drama.

Drama is the one thing that all boys want nothing to do with. So if you’re the type who is really into the whole gossip and drama game, then try to stop for his sake. He doesn’t want to have to deal with unnecessary drama especially when it comes from his girl.

3. Stop taking so many selfies.

Sure, you’re pretty. But you don’t constantly have to be taking your selfies whenever you’re together. Just put the phone down and stop trying to fit the world inside a picture frame.

4. Go on a random trip or adventure to anywhere.

He isn’t really sure about how you would feel going on a random trip with him somewhere you’re unfamiliar with. But he really wants to do it just to test the strength of your bond.

5. Stop overdoing it with the makeup.

He loves the way you look au natural. You don’t always have to be in makeup for you to feel attractive whenever you’re with him.

H/T:  RelRules