Here are a few common habits that strong couples do very often. These may not seem like the usual displays of affection that are present in Hollywood blockbuster chick flicks or romance novels. These are the habits that don’t get all the glitz and the glamour.

These are all the habits that happen behind the scenes. These are the habits that very few people actually like to acknowledge because of how difficult they are; but these are also the habits that build strength, character, and love.

1. They are not blind to each other’s flaws, but they love each other in spite of them.

Flaws are not romantic. In fact, flaws are literally the opposite of perfection. We are all led to believe that love is always going to be seamless, effortless, and perfect. That is never the case. Love has its flaws. It has its pimples and its bald spots. It has its black holes and bumps. But that’s also the beautiful thing about love; it’s that despite all the flaws, it still persists. The strongest couples are not blind to each other’s flaws. They see them, but they do not care much about them because their love overpowers everything else.

2. They are always willing to compromise and find the middle ground.

The strongest couples aren’t those who always share the same opinions on everything. They aren’t those who always see the world through the same lenses. The strongest couples are those who are able to come together in spite of their differences and reach a middle ground. They are those who are never too proud to make compromises for the sake of the relationship. They are the kinds of couples who leave their egos at the door before entering into the relationship. They are the ones who practice full humility at all times for the sake of preserving balance and harmony in their romantic union.

3. They do not avoid altercations and arguments.

Lastly, the strongest couples aren’t afraid to argue. Yes, arguments can be the least romantic thing there is, but they are also necessary. The best kinds of couples are secure enough in their relationship to know that they can get through arguments. They have a kind of love that is enduring and that can withstand petty fights. That’s why they aren’t afraid of having disagreements every once in a while.

4. They are not afraid to criticize each other when needed.

The best kinds of couples always call one another out. They aren’t afraid to criticize each other whenever necessary. They know that they can be completely honest and truthful to one another even when the truth is difficult to hear. The truth isn’t necessarily always going to be romantic or beautiful, but to a strong couple, it’s always going to be necessary. They can’t afford to lie each to each other for the sake of being happy. The best kinds of couples always feel comfortable with being honest with each other even when the truth makes them uncomfortable.

5. They respect each other enough to always make time for one another.

Sure, it may not seem like a huge romantic gesture to merely make time for another person. But if you look deeply and think about it harder, there is nothing grander than devoting your time for someone else. Time is the only thing in the world that can never be taken back once it is given. That’s why when you choose to give your time to another person, you are respecting that person enough to give something that you will never get back.

H/T:  RelRules