5 Things Not to Do When Your Partner Is Cheating


Cheating is one of the main things that many people put down as a reprehensible unforgivable act in a relationship.  Here are five things you really shouldn’t be doing when you realise your partner is Cheating.

A cheating partner is, in no way, your fault. We’ll repeat that. A cheating partner is in no way your fault!

You are not to be blamed here. Your partner was feeling ignored, fell out of love for you, was feeling bad because you were treating him/her as second priority.

Working on a relationship and ironing the problems is not your not responsibility, so understand that if your partner was feeling left out, he/she needed talk to you.

It is a natural instinct to compare yourself to the other woman or man, trying to understand what they have that you don’t. This is one of the worst things you can do for your self-confidence; you seriously don’t need that in your life. Remember, you are awesome the way you are!

You are hurt and you do need an apology, but we suggest not letting this affect your confidence in any way. Don’t let this cheating incident convince you that you are a victim or that you deserved this. Nope, not your fault.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with hurt and if your natural instinct is to ban your partner from every talking to this person, and give you daily reports about their life, do it.

Rebuilding that trust is something you need to deal with in your own way and if you feel that certain extremes are going to help, don’t feel guilty for doing it.

As long as it’s for a positive reason, and is helping you rebuild that trust, you can do it without feeling guilty.

It’s okay to give yourself some time to get over this massive breach of trust. You CAN bring it up multiple times, you can still be super mad at your partner and you can still not trust them. Take your time to forgive your partner, but when you finally do, make sure you are at a place where things can really go back to the way there were.

H/T:  Idiva.