1. Understanding

After having a great deal of arguments with my girlfriend, I finally realized wherever i was going wrong. i was always there for her both emotionally and physically whenever she required me, however in her dark moments I did not understand her also as I should’ve. currently I finally actually understand what she means and when she wants me. True understanding takes a lot of your time to realize but it’s well definitely worth the effort. understand your ladies, it isn’t impossible.

2. Be emotional

It’s not unmanly to be emotional. women love it once their men show emotions and show them their kinder and softer sides. I’ve forever been emotional with my girlfriend, I’ve cried on her shoulder, i have been extremely emotional about everything I’ve ever felt. it’s always helped in creating the trust between us grow larger and stronger as a result of I never kept a defend around myself in front of her. Be vulnerable in front of your girls, you will not be judged, you will only be loved.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty is one amongst the primary traits that keep a relationship alive and powerful. once loyalty gets affected, the whole relationship goes out the window among mere moments regardless of however long it took for that relationship to get there. Complete transparency is important for each relationship and everybody has to realise this truth.

4. Honesty

Being honest is one amongst the easiest ways in which to a woman’s heart. Men, although you make a blunder, just be honest about it. Being honest is far better than making somebody bear the difficulty of hearing your lies and finding out the truth shortly and getting badly hurt by it. it is often better to be open and honest regarding your past and your own individuality. do not attempt to be somebody else in front of her, or you will be faking the relationship entirely once you finally show her your true side. ensure she loves you for who you’re and not what you “could’ve been” or “can be”. Be honest, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s a great deal of rewards.

5. Time

I’ve said this uncounted times, “time” is one amongst the most precious gifts you’ll be able to provide someone. once a person removes time for his girl, he is making a trial above all else. get rid of time from your busy schedules, have your very own separate days along with her where it’s just you and her. no matter how busy your life is, always take correct time out for your woman. It’s all about priorities.