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5 Social Media Habits That Prove He’s Going To Cheat On You

5 Social Media Habits That Prove He’s Going To Cheat On You

A simple look into the social media habits of your man can instantly tell you just how he really feels about you and the relationship that you have together.

Some peculiar social media activities can be attributed to the possibility that he’s just not as into you as you would think; and he’s not totally invested in being loyal and committed to you.

If that’s the case, you should break things off right now before he hurts you even further. But how do you know if he feels that way? Well, there are a few signs that you could be on the lookout for.

Here are 5 social media habits that prove he’s leaving you soon.

1. He has deleted or blocked you from seeing his posts and his stories.

If your boyfriend suddenly does this to you, then you know something serious has gone down. And it’s likely that it wasn’t something good.

2. He still flirts with other girls online through posts and comments.

Obviously, if he’s still flirting with other girls on social media, then he probably isn’t very invested in your feelings or your relationship. He doesn’t care that his actions might hurt you because he doesn’t really love you.

3. He never posts or brags about you on his social media profiles.

It’s okay if he’s a secretive and discreet social media user. But if you find that he keeps on posting crazy memes and funny videos, he should at least allot some social media real estate for posts about you as well.

5. He gets upset whenever you post about him on your pages or profiles.

He gets upset because he doesn’t really want other people to know that you’re together. It’s as if he wants to keep your relationship a secret.

5. He still participates in those dating apps even though he’s supposedly dating you.

No man in a stable relationship with a woman he loves dearly would ever still willingly participate in other dating apps. If you still find your man on another dating app, then that’s an indication that he’s not totally serious about you.

Social media habits can tell a lot about a person.

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