If your partner is exhibiting the following signs it is obvious they are a jerk.

1. They are always concerned about their own needs

It is excessively normal, to find them busy when you want to hangout but when they need you they won’t take no for an answer. It is just as they couldn’t care less about your needs.

You are just a need when it ‘feels appropriate’ to them. Else you may not meet all requirements for much consideration. This isn’t just impolite yet to a great degree egotistical conduct and a man will do well to forsake them at the earliest opportunity.

2. Insulting YOU under the pretext of humor

They may have an offending nickname for you or different methods for putting down you. Is plain lack of respect. They may attempt to control you by referring you as overly sensitive, It is not humor if it is causing you pain. however the reality of the situation is they are not in the slightest degree circumspect of your emotions.

3. They will say one thing but do completely opposite

One of the real signs you are dating a jerk is a person who does not catch up on their guarantees and normally abandon you to manage it all alone. A dependable person will tell you in advance in the event that they won’t have the capacity to make it to the date and not simply abandon you hanging.

This is the minimum they can do however in the event that they don’t want to try and clarify their irresponsible activities and go about as if holding up you up was not something which requests any legitimization on their part they are not worth your chance.

4. They want things done their way

Relationships depend on uniformity and it just work when both the people will cooperate. However a jerk will dependably attempt to assume responsibility of the circumstance and force their opinion on others without making any bargains. This isn’t a decent sign to be constantly ruled by your partner in a relationship and nobody can survive it for that long.

Being narcissistic is disgusting and it just requires little time before a man needs to get out from the relationship.

5. Manipulating behavior

They will draw out the most noticeably awful in you by continually highlighting the negatives as a part of your identity. They will control you such that you will be under a considerable measure of self-uncertainty and begin to blame yourself for the imperfections in the relationship.

They will nourish off of your insecurities and would need to keep you in that state in light of the fact that else you will acknowledge what an aggregate douche they truly are.

6. They will insult people who are important in your life

Just if a man couldn’t care less about their partner’s’s emotions, they would talk mean things about the people they think about. This isn’t cool. if a man is this immature they are not fit to be involved with you in the first place..