You want to take the love life ahead but your man won’t commit. Read the warning signs to find out whether your relationship has a bright future

if what happens after the clothes come off is the only thing you have in common with your man, the liaison may be missing an important factor of all relationships – a deep level of intimacy. And personally, s*x with a guy you are not married to doesn’t make s*x. You only lose your self respect!

He wants to live in the moment and avoids talking about the future. Making plans for the future is a sign of commitment. Relationship gurus say this attitude translates into what could only be a short-term affair.

He puts his work, friends and family first, postpones or turns up terribly late for dates, doesn’t return missed calls, and almost never replies to your ‘I miss you’ messages. A relationship needs nourishment through affection and ‘we time’. However, if you are not a priority for him, it could lead to disenchantment and resentment. If he spends more time partying till late morning with his respective friends alone than hanging out with you, it’s a sure sign that your little liaison is going nowhere.

You are always waiting around for his attention. You have stopped going for lunch or shopping sprees with your own friends, and are more interested in his hobbies than yours. This makes you come across as a needy person. Guys are attracted to women who are confident in their own skin and have full, busy lives. Don’t be unavailable to him, but give him some incentive to get serious about you.

It’s okay to be polite but arguments and fights are actually healthy for a relationship to prosper. Your connection won’t get real unless you express your true feelings and discuss the issues that are bothering you. You’re afraid to scare him off the romantic association, so you try to give him the impression that you are okay with his every lapse. It puts him in an undue position of power that he may not deserve. Be true to yourself and come clean. If he doesn’t want to change his stance and calls it off, you didn’t have much to lose anyway.