5 Signs You Need Space In Your Relationship


It’s completely normal to need space in a relationship. You might be an introvert that needs alone time to rest or you might just like spending time by yourself every once in a while. If you feel something is off in your relationship but you can’t pinpoint it to something like a lack of love or you and bae not having enough in common.

check out 5 signs you might actually need some space in your relationship.

Do you find yourself thinking back to the days when you were single and you could make decisions for yourself? Getting some space away from bae to do your own thing can be good. It will hopefully help you realize that you are still independent and that you can do things just for you. What’s more, it can show you whether you miss sometimes having someone there to make decisions with.

Have you gotten to a stage where you’re in a long-term relationship, but you’re not really sure why you’re in it? It might be comfortable, but you’re not sure where it should go next and where your SO wants it to go. Rather than constantly talking to bae about it, taking some time to think about it on your own can help.

When you and bae first got together, did you feel like the two of you were perfectly in tune? Do you feel that somewhere along the way it has changed? If you still have feelings for bae, but you find yourself thinking about the *good old days* of your relationship, a bit of space could help you reevaluate the situation and appreciate what you still have. Plus, there’s that thing about how absence will hopefully make the heart grow fonder.

If you want to set your relationship status to *overwhelmed (stressing)  and don’t know what to do,* I hear you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about being in a relationship and what goes along with it, it might be time to clear you head with a break. A break can hopefully help you assess what it is you’re stressing about, whether it’s pressure from your family, pressure from bae, or the pressure you’re putting on yourself.

If you were to describe bae, is clingy one of the first words that springs into your mind? If so, you might want to have a discussion with bae about it. After that you can realize whether setting some boundaries and getting some space can benefit the two of you so you can appreciate the time that you share together more.

H/T: Gurl