5 Signs He’s Not Complicated, He’s Just A Manipulative Bad Man


1. He doesn’t let you think things over

He demands that you give him an answer or decision, right here, at the present time.

He’s not giving you that opportunity to think things through.

He’s not giving you an opportunity to understand he’s manipulating you into forgiving him or seeing issue in you and not him.

2. He gets mad when you’re upset

He is dismissing your emotions so he doesn’t have to deal with them.

If he realizes that he’s to blame here and the primary thing that he does is get mad at you, at that point he’s a controller and you have no clue.

3. He brings up your faults

If he always bringing up your faults and never says his own, he’s attempting to influence you to feel like you don’t merit him, which is truly low.

This will influence you to try harder to please or satisfy them and give them whatever they need without complain. It’s a definitive control method.

4. He quietly judges you

He may judge you for your outfit decision, food decisions, hair decisions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. But if he’s passing judgment on you about anything other than he does as such in a way that you can’t through and through say he’s passing judgment on you, it’s a control way he’s uses to put you down and influence you to feel unworthy.

5. He plays dumb all the time

A great deal of folks stay away from issues by imagining that they do not understand what’s happening. They just tell you that they “didn’t know” that it would make you upset.

Try not to give this sort of manipulation a chance to trick you. It’s easy to spot and much less demanding to stop and if he doesn’t that he doesn’t, well, at that point you must let him go.