Any man can claim he’s a gentleman, but if these behaviors come second-nature, he’s a true keeper.

This sounds like the perfect guy, but what are the signs to look for to know if you are dealing with such a man? Let’s take a closer look:

1. A Real Man Trusts You And Advises You.

This type of man isn’t paranoid about your phone agenda, your messages or your e-mails. He doesn’t try to invade your personal space or inquire you about everything you do.

Your privacy is a strict place where just you hold the secret key, and he knows it. Furthermore, he is a trusted adviser on intimate or sensible issues and doesn’t ask awkward questions.

On the other hand, an insecure man tries to destroy your confidence and ruins your relationship’s foundation.


2. A Real Man Has Interests And Hobbies.

This doesn’t mean that you are or feel neglected by his hobbies or personal interests. Instead, this type of man will get you curious about a variety of activities and interests.

Moreover, having a guy who has his own life with passions and interests means that he will not become clingy, desperate or create his life around a relationship.

He already has his own interesting life and the relationship just completes his happiness.

3. A True Gentleman Says Exactly What He Thinks.

To put it simply, you know you found yourself a gentleman when you know what he wants, because he tells you.

He is direct and there will be no pathetic mind games or sleazy manipulation tactics in your relationship. Honesty is his middle name and he will make it obvious through his actions.


4. He is calm, responsible and composed at all times.

It’s obvious that when going out to a bar or a party, a woman will likely be hit on by other guys. This is a situation where most men fail the test and act like angry gorillas toward other males and may make a scene out of it.

The true gentleman, however, makes his opinion known and solves the issue with the utmost tact and diplomacy. There are no creepy bar brawls, a situation in which no woman wants involvement.

Instead, he already knows that you are his girlfriend, and at the end of the night, you are going home with him.

5. A Gentleman Looks Past Your Beauty.

You won’t hear compliments or remarks about your different body parts from a true gentleman.

This is a quite visible first sign, as almost all men seem to focus on just this side of you, and will likely create awkward situations.

Real gentlemen value you for your intelligence, personality, kindness and your passions or dreams.

He looks for those special things that make you beautiful, attractive as a person, and feminine, and he will not just check if you got lucky in the gene pool.

H/T: Samantha Escobar for YourTango