5 Signs He Is Giving You His Heart


Whether you have been dating your guy for a short while or you have been living together for years, here are the true signs he is giving you his heart and ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

1. He remembers everything about you

Is he able to remember your exact words you said the last week? Or does he remember about your favorite movie in the high school?

If he remembers everything about you, it is a definite sign he is genuinely interested in you and is ready to give you his heart.

2. He makes you feel comfortable

Be it a word or an action, he makes sure you feel good all the time. He offers his jacket when you feel cold and holds a door open for you. He makes sure the temperature in the car or house is right for you and you feel comfortable in the company of his friends. When you do not feel good, he will find a way to help you.

3. He is always in touch

Regardless of how busy you two are, you carve out a minute to call each other, send a text, or chat on social media.

There is no “ur” in your conversation and it seems you will never run out of the topics to talk about. If he finds a reason to call you or chat with you, he just can’t spend a minute without you and is always happy to hear your voice.


4. He protects you

Whenever and wherever you go, he always makes sure that you feel secure and safe. If you do not live together, he always walks you home and never drives away until he sees you walk in the house.

He holds your hand during the hard times or situations to help you feel secure. He also tries to protect you from all the daily problems by solving half of them himself.

5. He gives you meaningful gifts

Even if your man is tight on budget, he never stops surprising you with some meaningful and sometimes costly gifts. There is a huge difference in showering a girlfriend with a bunch of expensive stuff and giving little things that truly matter. Bringing you lunch, coffee, or a nice piece of jewelry are just a few examples to mention.


If you are happy to see all the 5 signs in your partner, congratulations! If you love him wholeheartedly, you two will more likely to have a happy future together. Just never stop working on your relationship. So, ladies, is your guy ready to give you his heart?

H/T: Womanitely