5 Secrets Women Never Tell Their Men

1. We want to be surprised more often

All women are crazy about surprises, so we secretly dream about our partner showing his creativity and astonishing us as often as possible. Even a little unexpected craziness will make a woman feel special and loved.

It should not be an expensive gift, simply showing that your initiative, deep concern and affection are invaluable. It is not difficult to be open and take care of your lady. When he realizes that efforts have been made to make him feel happy, you will be rewarded soon.

2. We want men to be sincere

Every person wants his partner always open and honest, no matter what. Nobody likes to be fooled. And, of course, women are no exception. We can forgive a lot of things, but not lies. Regardless of the situation or how bad your fault is, a woman will always hear you and even help you solve the problem.

3. We need space

If a woman says she needs space, she does not mean she does not want to see you. so don’t get in your car and drive away for hours. She just wants understanding. Your girlfriend or wife wants you to know she has important things and you have to assume she really she really means what she says.

4. We are afraid that another women attract him more

It is a fear among most women that other women in their man`s life, colleagues or female friends can attract more. The reason is very simple, we all want to have something we can not have.

So, women fear that their husband’s heart may be stolen or begin to fancy about another woman. There’s nothing worse for a woman than that.

5. We observe and understand body language

Women know they have a sixth sense, especially if they relate to relationships. We always notice and analyze all the small details of another person and this includes the body language of our partners. So usually we are aware of his sympathy with a colleague I have never met.

Once we see something suspicious, it starts to bother us, though we probably are not even aware of what annoys us. And if a woman suspects something, she’ll be very angry when her man who does not spend time with her, but stays in the office.