5 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing

We have all been at that point where we feel like quitting our relationships. Relationships can be draining at times but that is what love is about. Being there for each other no matter what the situation is. When you quit a relationship people will have all sorts of speculations.

You have been in so many relationships and they tend to follow a certain time span. They last for about six or even three months. Sometimes it might be your fault and sometimes it might be their fault.

Well here is something that I am hoping will help you know why this has been happening. I hope it helps.

1. Dramatic

You make a big fuss of things that happen between you. When you find your spouse speaking to a person of the opposite sex, you start throwing tantrums saying that you are being cheated on. Grow up!

2. Always Busy

You have no time for your relationship. you rarely call to check up on the person. No matter how busy you are if you love someone you will always find time for him or her.


3. YOLO (You Only Live Once)

You get into a relationship and still want to hang out in clubs with friends during weekends; you flirt with every guy and do all the single deeds because you only live once. Relationships + YOLO = a single you

4. Indecisive

You do not know what you want. You say you are thirsty but take food to quench your thirst. You preach on t-shirts but wear ties. You are a confused soul.

5. You Make Your Relationship Everyone’s Business.

It is okay to talk to talk to your best friend and a family member about the on goings of your relationship but you have to know the limits and not cross them. The problem with telling everyone about what is going on in your relationship is that 93% of the people are happy you are going through them and 7% do not give a damn. Know what you want.

6. ‘I want it all’

You want to eat the cake and still have it. People come and go in our lives. You cannot stop it. That’s how it is and will always be. You broke up with someone and immediately got into a relationship only to start talking about your ex and comparing your present partner to your ex. You want to get back with your ex and still be in the other relationship. Set your cards right. If someone lied to you once he or she is probably going to do it over and over again. Your past belongs behind you thus the name.

7. High court judge

You are too judgmental. You keep judging your partners’ deeds and try to show them what they should do. Remember that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, get up , shake off the dust and keep walking.


8. Over Possessive

you want to know where your partner goes, who he talks to and who he calls and texts. You call after every twenty minutes in a day. You are too clingy. You do not give him or her time to breathe or at least time with his or her friends. This will only make you look awkward and difficult to cope with.