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5 Kisses Your Man Will Love

5 Kisses Your Man Will Love

But what kinds of kisses do men like best?

Kissing is never boring. In fact, it’s practically a crime if you don’t like it; after all kissing is one of the most fun things to do with your partner! All those special kisses: the first kiss, the ones that make butterflies fly in your stomach; passionate kisses that you yearn for when you’re apart, they’re the stuff that relationships are made off.

But if you feel your kissing style has become a bit monotonous, then why not try these, which promise to bring back the fun factor into your relationship. Even if you’re in sync with your partner, he’ll be blown away with these sexy kisses.

1. The French kiss

There’s way too much hype about this kiss, but for a really good reason! Anyone who has tried it will tell you how good it is, but you got to do it right, otherwise things get sloppy.

How to: It’s an open mouth kiss that requires you to use your tongue. Open your mouth and gently open your partner’s mouth by using your tongue. Move your tongue playfully inside your partner’s mouth. Then if your partner responds in the same way, turn the gentle kiss more passionate and slightly more aggressive if you want things to heat up.

2. The single-lip kiss

This is a more romantic kiss. It’s sweet and seductive, and very pleasurable.

How to: The whole point is to take your partner’s upper or lower lip between your lips and gentle suck on it. Then you can do the same for the other lip as well. It requires you to be gentle with your partner. Don’t nibble on his lip.

3. The vampire kiss

So what if you’re not a vampire! It doesn’t mean you can’t try this kiss. After all, don’t all those vampire flicks send tingles down your spine (in a good way) especially when they kiss a human (think Edward Cullen and Bella Swan)? It’s just so turning on!

How to: Start with kissing your man on his lips, then let your tongue slide towards his neck. From there on you can suck on his neck or lightly bite it as well. A man’s neck is more sensitive than you think, and he always has a sweet point. So all you need to do is find said point and kiss it to turn him on.

4. The heart-pumping kiss

This kiss should be spontaneous and fun. It’s all down to giving your partner a surprise.

How to: Don’t let your partner know you’re going to give him a kiss, catch him by surprise and kiss him slowly and gently, then switch to a faster and more aggressive pace and just when he starts responding, switch back to the slow mode.

5.The Spiderman kiss

Spiderman made this kiss more famous than even himself!

How to: The type of kiss involves smooching your partner whose face is upside down from yours, so your bottom lip kisses his top lip and vice versa.

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