You cannot force somebody to like you or get attracted to you.

But then, you can at least send the correct signals to help them make a decision.

These were a few secrets to attract women. Go, give them a try now!

1. Let your eyes speak!

Make and maintain eye contact. Women look for confidence and sincerity in a man and there is no one better to tell them about it than your eyes.

Also keep your eyes from wandering off to ‘you-know-where’ when you are talking to her. Eye contact and glances can also be used to invite or express interest.

2. Smile / be relaxed

A smile can be very powerful when used effectively. It is one of the first things people notice about you when they see you. A good smile shows your confidence and enthusiasm.

When you meet and talk to people, you spend most of your time sitting. It is very important to give a relaxed impression. Lean back and make yourself comfortable. Don’t fold your hands, it signals that you are shielding yourself and makes you look unapproachable.

3. Open up

When you are talking to a woman, you must not close your body. Palms should be open and arms should be by your side. You should not cross your legs when you are in a sitting position.

Crossing your legs or arms is also a signal of being ‘closed off’.

4. Move your body

Movements are important. Hurried, fidgety gestures and movements spell low self-confidence.

Moving too fast may make her feel intimidated. Controlled movements are signs of a confident man. They also give the other person a sense of comfort.

5. Intimate not uncomfortable

If you think there is a chemistry between you and her, it is ok to be a little bold sometimes. Holding hands when talking or walking is a good way to start.

But don’t move too fast and make her uncomfortable. Give her the space she needs and look for the invitation signals.

H/T:  BollywoodShaadis