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4 Ways Not Let Anger Destroy Your Love

4 Ways Not Let Anger Destroy Your Love

When we love someone, mistakes are sometimes made. Things are said because our tongues cannot be curbed in time, and so we wind up regretting the venom we spit. Yet, when ire seems to be in your blood, how can you go on without letting it destroy your love? Here is how:

1. Know your anger

Where does it stem from? How is it grown? You may think your anger is natural, something organic that comes from within; but that is not the truth. Something happened to make you feel this way, and so you must endeavor to figure it out.

For every negative emotion, there is a source. Though contemplating where such strong emotions develop from can be troubling, the more you know, the better prepared you are to deal with in when it comes.

2. Ask yourself questions

All of these questions lead to answers (and maybe more questions) that will bring you to the root of the ire. Examples of those questions are:

  • Who is making me angry? Myself or someone else?
  • Did I remember any particular hurt from my past?
  • What is the current environment like?
  • What was I talking about?
  • How do certain works affect the way I feel?

At the bottom of the wrath are smoldering coals that need to be stirred up to regain life. Think of these coals as past trauma or hurt. When someone does something that rekindles the dormant flame, the anger returns. It may not always be as strong, but it will remain until healing or cooling happens.


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