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4 Types of Friends You Need in Your Life

4 Types of Friends You Need in Your Life

These friends can fulfill each need you could have in a friend and make you a better person.
Check out 4 types of friends you need in your life.

The crazy friend

Most of the types of friends you need in your life bring something new to the table, but the crazy friend always brings the party. The crazy friend is up for adventures and trying something new.

This is a wonderful friend to have since she will always encourage you to try something new and live a fulfilling life.

The friend you admire

Well, let me explain you. The friend you admire is the pretty, smart, nice, and she does everything perfect. It’s the friend that you secretly wish you could be. Although this sounds bad, having the friend you admire will motivate you to be a better person.

You’ll study harder to get good grades, work harder to make more money, put more effort into your appearance, and be nicer to everybody around you.

The honest friend

I hate when I try on a dress that I know look horrible and my best friends tell me that I look wonderful.

The honest friend will never do that. Although she can be brutally honest, she knows that it’s better for you.

If you want some honest advice, call your honest friend. She isn’t afraid to tell you frankly what she thinks and how she feels about the situation.

The quiet friend

If you are tired of all those crazy parties with crazy friend and you want to slow things down, go to the quiet friend. The quiet friend is always up for reading a nice book or curling up and watching a good movie.

She will never judge you when you’re too tired to go to the party, and she will be a good company if you want to spend ‘quiet’ evening.

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