4 Tips On How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship


Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual or verbal. At times, it is hard to come out of such a disastrous relationship because of the other person’s reluctance. But, you have to do it. So here are some ways to safely come out an abusive relationship.

1. Acknowledge the situation 

The saying, ‘love is blind’ is not for nothing. What you are facing is not possessiveness or your partner’s mood swing. Acceptance is the first step towards happiness. Accept that your relationship is enroute to a dark place and you need to quit immediately.  Calculate how violent your partner can get.

Pay attention to his aggression. Ask yourself whether you will be able to handle the situation on your own, if you were to tell your partner about your decision. If not, do not be afraid to take someone else’s help.

2. Make yourself financially independent 

Most of the people continue to be in an abusive relationship because they are financially dependent on their partners. Start saving up, and look for a decent job so that you do not have to stay with your partner merely for money.

3. Have a safety plan

It is hard to predict how a person, who is habitual of abusing, might react in a certain situation, as one does not know what is beneath the surface. In order to keep yourself safe, prepare in advance.

Have a safety kit ready and always keep your neighbours, friends and families informed.

4. Do not go back

It is true that your relationship has not turned out the way you would have wanted it to, but before it became your worst nightmare, it made your life a dream.

If you have decided to move on, no matter how much you want, do not go back to your partner in the hope that everything will magically become fine. It will never be the same again. So, just move on.

H/T:  BollywoodShaadis