4 Signs Your Relationship Probably Isn’t Going To Last


1. You look for a time to be alone or away from it.

I do not mean that from time to time the two go out with their friends and enjoy a good time alone, that is perfectly healthy. I mean the constancy with which they do it. If the two prefer to be free and rarely feel the desire to see each other, something is wrong. A weekend is reasonable but two, three or a month is not. This can be an indicator that your relationship is about to disappear.

2. There is no confidence.

Trust is the basis of any relationship. If you do not have the confidence, there are jealousies, suspicions, infidelities or, worse, you have already been entering a vicious circle where he is not comfortable and neither are you. What security can you have in him if all the time you doubt what he does and tells you? A relationship begins to die when neither of you puts your part in making your partner feel in a safe environment.

3. You constantly think of other people.

Something is not right if you feel the need to look for someone else while you have a partner.
Maybe you’ve already unconsciously realized that your partner is not what you’re looking for, or you just do not want a relationship. Reflect it and do not hurt your partner.

4. There are no plans for the future.

You may have spent years with this person, but if you want to reach something else with him, it is essential that at some point he gets to speak. So you can know if he really goes the way you are thinking, otherwise you will only waste time with him dreaming about things that will never happen.