1. He always avoids  any kind of responsibility with you: You can make sure that you’re just his reinforcement arrange for when he wouldn’t like to share even the littlest duty with you.

He’s illustration these reasonable lines with you since he knows he’s not remaining with you for long. In case you’re splendid, you’ll get the conspicuous piece of information and not waste time with him any longer.

2. He Just Wants to be Friends With Benefits 

The most clear approach to tell you’re his  back up girl is whether he reveals to you he simply needs to be companions, even after you’ve figured out how to rest together as of now. Presently this is the place a lady must be straightforward with herself on the grounds that a considerable measure of men will tell a lady forthright that they would prefer not to be involved with her or any other person, however they figure sex will alter their opinion. If you can deal with sex without any strings, cool…

3. He tells you he’s not looking for something serious: Let be honest. The correct person will anticipate spending whatever is left of his life with you and the person who clearly considers you to be a backup plan just will shiver at the prospect of duty.

So if he’s been straight up with you from the begin, disclosing to you how he needs to keep things light and chill, it’s a conspicuous sign that he considers you to be his reinforcement as it were. Assuming this is the case, you don’t have business chilling with him. Proceed onward to somebody more commendable.

4. He doesn’t spend money on you: We realize this can be truly insane however in all actuality, a person who’s not kidding about seeking after you and demonstrating his value to you will spend what he can bear to influence you to feel unique. Truly, he might not have a fat bank account  but rather with what he has, he will utilize it to demonstrate to you that he can deal with you the most ideal way he can.

So if this  your guy you’re seeing couldn’t spend few cash to get you some espresso coffee or take you out on a basic date, it could mean two things

Be with someone who won’t treat you as a backup plan: Keep in mind, you don’t should be a backup plan get ready for any person, regardless of how awesome of a catch you think he is. What’s more, if he begins to influence you to feel like you’re one, don’t sit idle with him any longer. There are others out there who can give you the vip treatment you merit. You just got the opportunity to be tolerant while sitting tight for him to arrive.