Most guys are not shy about letting a woman know when they’re ready for action. Hope this post Will be Helpful to some Of My readers, have written some of the red flag signals to men who just want to sleep with you.

1. He talks Most About s’ex

Men who want to sleep with you, talk a lot about s3x cause all they think about is s’ex, you will notice when you guys text, he will bring up s3x issues between chats, you may not notice but if your keen enough you will know.

2. He calls ONLY When he wants you to come over at his place.

Some can be so predictable, weekdays he has been silent, no calls, no text or mails but when they know its on a weekend, that’s when you get sudden text or calls trying to convince  you that they care only in the end to say come over at my place we just have fun or maybe watch a movie. Be careful and watch over this type of men.

3. He goes in for a hug and rests his hands low on your back.

It may not feel sexual, but if he lingers just above your ass

4. He Wants S’ex on the first date.

To me not all men who want to sleep with you just want s3x but few also want real relationship, have noticed when you deny this men s3x on the first date then get mad and go silent on you? If you notice this kind of behavior just know he only want to sleep with you.