4 Perfect Instant When You Should Kiss Your Partner


You should randomly kiss your partner just to make them feel loved. It shows how much you care for your partner. Kissing is an act of love and intimacy. But, there are certain moments when you should absolutely kiss your partner without fail.

In case you are wondering when such moments are when you must absolutely kiss your partner, then let us help you.

Kissing is the perfect way to make up after a fight. Not only does it make you forget all grudges, but it has also shown to fuel quite passionate lovemaking even more reasons now to make up!. However, one of you has to let go of your ego and step down for things to move forward.

This is especially for you if you have recently started your relationship with that special someone. At the end of your first romantic date, you will easily know how it went.

The exchange of romantic glances, trying to find excuses to hold hands, or saying something flirtatious- all will be hints that your date is expecting more from you.

This one is especially for the guys- if you see her giving subtle hints, do not waste time because this might be your first step towards taking more serious steps! But, remember not to force yourself or rush in, as it might ruin everything.

In fact, a tender peck on the cheek or nose might do more good for your relationship, rather than a long, passionate kiss.

Often, life moves too fast and leaves us exhausted. The rush to meet deadlines, the hurry to reach office, and returning home tired, makes both the partners forget the value of showing affection.

But, this in fact is one of the best times to plant a kiss on your sweetheart’s lips, or even the forehead or the cheeks.

It does not have to lead to anything steamy; but just that one kiss will make them feel relaxed and refreshed.

However, do not make the move at a time when they are visibly irritated or in the middle of a phone call!

In a relationship, kisses serve you well whether you are going through good and or bad times.

Not only do they radiate happiness, but also has the power to absorb sadness.

A kiss from your partner when you are down, feeling lonely, have lost someone close to you, or just going through a gloomy phase, can lift you up instantly, and make you recharged to continue your life with a smile.

Source:  Bollywoodshaadis