4 Dating Mistakes Even Smart Women Make


1. You settle for relationships with men who are undeserving of you.

Another reason why you might have been unsuccessful in dating is when you just settle for relationships with people who don’t really do it for you.

You are too scared of living that single life for too long that you would cling to the first opportunity at a relationship you would find – no matter how mediocre it might be.


2. You are overly loyal to a specific type of guy.

Stop boxing yourself in. Perhaps the reason why you still haven’t managed to find success in dating is because you continuously deprive yourself of options.

If you keep clinging to a specific type of guy to be your potential life partner, then you are shutting yourself off from other great guys in the process.

3. You let the stress and pressure of dating get to you too much.

You place just too much importance and pressure on yourself while dating. You should just relax and allow dating to take its natural course with you. Some dates are good and some are bad.

Some social experiments will be healthy and others won’t be as fulfilling. It’s a trial and error process that you constantly have to learn from.

4. You are constantly choosing toxic partners.

Toxic partners make for toxic relationships. It’s just as simple as that. There just some people who aren’t cut out for relationships.

There are those who just haven’t matured enough to a point that allows them to be viable participants in a romantic partnership. Be more selective of your dating partners.

H/T: RelRules