Here are the top 35 reasons your sister hits the top of your best friends list:

1. She’s seen you at your worst and at your best, and she loves you anyway.

2. She’ll be there no matter what, even if the two of you were just in a fight yesterday.
She’s known you longer than anyone else.

3. She doesn’t judge you because she knows what you’ve been through.

4. She’s someone you can confide in about family matters. She already understands and knows the pain.

5. If she’s older, she can walk you through her mistakes so you don’t have to make them as well.

6. If she’s younger, she’ll most likely look up to you, so you’ll have a cheerleader in all your endeavors.

7. She’s there when you need support.

8. She’s there when you think you don’t need support (but she knows that you do).

9. She’ll tell you the truth when you are about to commit a fashion sin.

10. She knows when you need advice and when you just need someone to listen.

11. You don’t have to brief her on your family’s strange idiosyncrasies.

12. The inside jokes with your sister are always the best.

13. You don’t have to try to make her understand where you’re coming from, she just knows.

14. She knows all of the songs you secretly like but don’t tell anyone about, so it’s completely acceptable to turn it up and belt it out in the car with her.

15. She can instantly tell when something is wrong, even if you’ve only communicated by text.

16. You don’t mind if she borrows your clothes. You know where to go to get them back.

17. She’s the one you go to when you are having trouble with your other friends.

18. She doesn’t care how many times you’ve both seen The Notebook. She’ll watch it again with you.
She’s been there through every breakup.

19. She can say just one word to make you laugh uncontrollably, and it’s the Wait-Stop-I-Can’t-Breathe-And-My-Abs-Are-On-Fire kind of laugh.

20. Your “crazies” match up, which makes life just a little bit easier.

21. She’ll immediately notice when you’ve done something different with your hair or lost a pound.

22. She’ll push you out of your comfort zone, and even though you’ll kick and scream the entire
time, you are secretly grateful for it.

23. She’s your partner in crime, even when she knows better.

24. She’s not afraid to tell you why the decision you are about to make is horrible.

25. She’s the first to give you a dose of tough love.

26. She’s you go-to babysitter for your kids (or she will be when you have kids).
It doesn’t matter how far apart the two of you live, you know she’s always with you.

Source: Lifehack