1. We are tired of people telling us stop trying so hard because it is who we are.

2. A “thank you” is all we expect in return.

3. We often feel being taken for granted

4. The greatest compliment we receive is being the nicest person people know.

5. We have an army of people ready to defend our honor.

6. Rejecting people is not easy for us, because we see it often.

7. Being told we have poor judgment, but we know with enough time, we can find good in everyone.

8. We don’t judge others, but rather try and understand them.

9. You feel that you are not entitled to your anger

10. We get really excited when we meet someone as nice as us, because it’s rare.

11. If people talk behind our backs, everyone else thinks they are crazy.

12. We give too many second chances even if we get burnt.

13. We are the most reliable friend.

14. We really do have the best intentions, even if we mess up.

15. We are more compassionate than the average person.

16. People aren’t going to like us, and it makes us try harder.

17. We know people can be assholes, but those people aren’t gonna turn us into one.

18. We appreciate kind gestures more than anyone in the world.

19. When we say or do something and it hurts someone, we never forget, and the guilt lives with us for years.

20. You are the one who everyone complains to.

21. Eventually even the people who didn’t like us come around, and later become our biggest fans.

22. Our best friends know everything about us, and know all of these things to be completely true.

23. People remember us, even if we go years without seeing one another.

25. In a world that tries to make us cold, just know we are never going to change our ways.