25 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert


1. You find crowds stressful

2. You have a very selected friends whom you hangout with.

3. You listen more and talk less.

4. you are a loyal friend

5. You observe things other people ignore, like minute details.

6. Telling your feelings is your dilemma.

You tend open up to few people (trusted ones) about your feelings.

7. Your favourite pastime is reading and listening to music.

8. You go on a social outing depending on the people attending it.

9. You prefer to watch movies at home than partying.

10. You fear big crowds.

11. You keep your circle small because you hate drama.

12. You rather date with your phone and browse the net than to hang out with people.

13. You don’t like to mingle with unfamiliar faces because you are afraid that you get misjudged and misunderstood.

14. You have a love-hate relationship with your phone

15. You avoid situations wherein you have to interact with a lot of people.

16. You’re not anti-social… you’re selectively social

17. You are extremely observant and mindful of your surroundings

18. You think before you argue

19. You are accused of flirting with everybody

20. You enjoy your time alone

21. You are rarely bored

22. you don’t trust easily

23. you are more comfortable expressing yourself in writing

24. you are great at getting stuff done you are a good judge of character

24. You are great at making decisions

24. You get lost in a chain of thoughts often.