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24 Things A Woman Should Never Do When She Meets A New Man

24 Things A Woman Should Never Do When She Meets A New Man

Here are some tips on what a lady shouldn’t do while on a date with her new man

1. Don’t bring up wedding on a first date

2. Don’t start taking about the many bad and terrible dates you’ve been on.

3. Don’t ask him for cash

4. Don’t compare him to your ex or mention your ex, on condition that he requests

5.Don’t be too fast to post his image on Instagram, Facebook, social media.

6. Don’t go heavy on foundation

7. Don’t bore him with all of your family or personal problems

8. Don’t start lamenting on why you are single. “I never meet any nice guy…” etc.

9. Don’t take your friends beside you when he invites you on a date

10. Don’t get drunk on your 1st outing with him

11. Never say to him that he’s not romantic

12. Don’t lie you’re a virgin when you are not and don’t lie about your age  Some women say they’re 23 when they’re 29

13. Don’t order what you don’t know how to eat or you’re allergic to any or all because you’re look sophisticated

14. Don’t ask to meet his Mother or Father so fast, just wait for him to suggests

15. Don’t visit his house unexpected

16. Don’t seek advice from him concerning your body count or guys you’ve slept with.

17. Don’t assume you’re an automatic girlfriend after the first Sexual Encounter

18. When your friends call you on a date don’t describe him in a disrespectful attitude or derogatory manner. eg (I’m with that guy who has so much cash or that guy who is sexy on instagram)

19. Don’t start leaving clothes and toothbrush stylishly at his place

20. Don’t wear transparent or exposing outfits on your first outings

21. Don’t pry concerning the size of his pocket, his earnings or the automotive he drives does one drive a G wagon ? are you a millionaire?

22. Don’t fix your makeup in public

23. Don’t leave without your home without“ backup money” or a simple transport fare “bailout” money

24. Avoid being too talkative

25. Don’t be rude or nasty to the waiter simply because you would like to impress or be a diva

26. Avoid applying too much perfume


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