20 Female Body Language Which Prove That A Women Is Interested In You


Here are 20 signs that a woman is possibly showing interest to you through her body language.

1. She seductively looks over her shoulder.

There is a very specific type of look a girl gives. Usually the shoulder is raised, and the side profile of the face is exposed, extenuating the natural roundness of the female face. You often see this look in fashion magazines for this reason.

2. She utilizes her lips.

There are countless ways a woman can use her lips to show interest. The most recognized of these methods is the slow, sensual application of lipstick. Another favorite is eating food in a seductive manner, while maintaining eye contact of course. She might also lick her lips or bite them, but these might be subconscious signs of attraction rather than conscious decisions.

3. She looks at you intensely or seductively.

There are a many methods that a woman will utilize when looking at someone she likes. When a woman raises her eyebrows, while at the same time lowering her eyelids, she is recreating a facial expression of pleasure. Other expressions include, but not limited to: rapidly blinking and holding eye contact, holding eye contact and smiling or grinning or licking her lips. If a girl is shy however, you may catch her glimpsing at you when you’re not looking or smiling.

4. She arches her back.

Arching the back makes the breasts and legs more prominent. This has the effect of extenuating a her physique. It is sometimes used to attract someone from the distance. However, just make sure you are not confusing this with her just stretching.

5. She giggles vs doesn’t giggle.

Giggling draws attention to youthfulness. She’s letting you know that she’s having fun, and is trying to be more feminine to get you to like her. The way to distinguish whether she’s giggling out of pure interest for you or not is to see if she makes eye contact as she does this. The eye contact is purposely to get you to pay closer attention to her femininity.

6. She blushes and doesn’t say much.

Blushing is a biological reaction to a heightened emotional state. This could be simply due to embarrassment, making it one of those signs that’s easily misinterpreted, but it could also be due to attraction, as a reddened face simulates a woman in deep pleasure.

7. She dangles her shoe from her toes.

When a woman is having a conversation while seated, and she begins to become aroused, she will often let her shoe fall off her foot partially and let it dangle from her toes, playing with it in a coy manner or letting it fall off her foot completely.

8. She tilts her head, touches her neck or tosses her hair.

If she intentionally does these things as she talks to you, she’s trying to expose parts of her body that release pheromones. Pay attention if she does this several times.

9. She plays with her hair.

Playing with hair signifies femininity. It’s cute and it gets the attention of who’s ever looking. It also signifies boredom and wants you to up things a notch.


10. She moves in closer.

In a situation where you are both seated, and she is becoming more and more enthralled, she will actually move closer. This might be just after you have said something funny or done something she finds attractive or intimate. This is definitely one of those signs that is very subtle and not easy to spot, as she will likely be moving an almost imperceptible distance closer to the guy. If she touches you briefly at the same time with a seductive look, then that’s a sure sign she’s really aroused.

11. She shows faster breathing.

This is another telltale sign of attraction. Sometimes the level of attraction is so overwhelming for a girl that she is literally gasping for breath. This can be very easy to spot in some cases, but some women can hide it well. This is however to be distinguished from having an anxiety attack or asthma problems. If she’s panicking, then that’s not a sign of interest.

12. She mimics you.

When she pays attention to your body language and reflect appropriately, she is not only attracted but also trying to figure you out. On top, she is trying to play the ‘we are very similar’ card to get your interest.

13. She flares her nostrils.

This reaction happens on a completely subconscious level. She isn’t aware of doing it, but a natural reaction to arousal is the flaring of nostrils.

14. She gives cues to touch her.

Similar to the getting closer and briefly brushing you example, she is trying to get physically intimate with you. She will display her vulnerability with a few specific cues such as shrugging, brushing her own arms as if she is cold, touching your hands or legs, or exposing more of her bossom.

15. She uses her hips.

While standing up talking to you, she may tilt her hip, putting all her weight on one foot to extenuate the shape of her hip.

16. She puts her face on display.

She will try to display her facial features more prominently by resting her face on two hands or by “framing” with a hand on each side of the face.

17. She strokes an object seductively.

One of the clearest signs that a girl is interested is if she strokes and plays with nearby objects. The most common is a wine glass or your legs.


18. She walks towards you with a seductive gait.

For example, moving her hips back and forth more forcibly. This gets you to pay attention to her body figure and how extravagant she might be.

19. She crosses and uncrosses her legs many times.

This is another body language sign that is easy to misinterpret, because the girl in question might simply be crossing her legs to find a more comfortable sitting position. The key to knowing whether or not this is a sign of attraction is to watch where her knee is, and whether or not it has moved to point towards you or not. Furthermore, if she’s wearing really exposing clothings, she might be doing it to get you aroused.

20. She caress her legs and thighs.

This is a body language sign, sometimes displayed on a subconscious level, which suggests that she would like you to touch her in a similar fashion