The road to happiness often begins by giving something up as you refresh your life. Let’s take a look at 19 things you should give up to be happy.

1. Stop Being Right All The Time

Wanting to be right all the time can cause us a lot of stress. It puts pressure on us because we’ve associated a lot of pain with being wrong.

We simply can’t be seen to be wrong. It harms our ego, and damages our pride. And when we are wrong – which will happen – it makes us unhappy.

It isn’t worth the stress and the pressure to always be right. Moreover, being right all the time actually means you’re upsetting other people. Do you really want to be the person who constantly proves other people wrong?

Or do you want to let them be right for once, even if you know they’re not? It will simmer arguments and tensions quicker, and will make the other person feel better for once.

2. Stop Thinking About The Past

The past is the past. It happened. But it doesn’t need to keep defining you.

Make your peace with the past, accept that things happened, have a cold shower – and move on.

3. Stop Being Attached To The Wrong Things

We all have attachments to things. But sometimes we’re attached to the wrong things that leave us feeling unhappy.

Experience the lightness of being by assessing what you’re too attached to. Then, release yourself. This could be something as simple as your iPhone, or it could be something with greater emotional implications, such as a home you can’t bring yourself to leave, even if it would be in your greatest interests to do so.

4. Stop Being A Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a huge boulder planted in the middle of our personal road to happiness. If you are a perfectionist, the chances are that you rarely allow yourself to be happy.

Let’s say that you can’t admit you’re smart until you get straight A’s. That’s a lot to aim for. It means that even if your get an A minus, you’ll still insist to yourself and other people that you’re not smart.

And when you admit you’re not smart, it can have a detrimental effect on your happiness.

Stop aiming so high. It’s like people in love who can’t bring themselves to be happy unless their partner showers them with love every single day. We’re denying ourselves happiness because we expect so much.

Lower your expectations.

5. Stop Living Life According To What People Expect Of You

Everyone has an idea of the type of person you are. And it’s tempting to believe you need to live up to that conception. Stop it. Live up to your own expectations.

6. Stop Complaining

Some people say that unless they complain all the time, changes will never get made. They complain to their friends about politics, about work, about their boss, about traffic, about broken washing machines … they complain about everything!

But complaining isn’t getting you anywhere, and by always focusing on the problems you’re never going to feel blissfully happy.

When there is a problem you can solve, shift your focus to the solution.

When there is a problem you can’t solve (such as a traffic jam), shit your focus. Think about how you can use your time productively in this moment. Maybe you could take an online exam you’ve been putting off for a few weeks. Maybe you could read the book in your book. Maybe you could map out your business idea.

Whatever you do, stop complaining. It will make you and others around you a lot happier!

7. Stop Trying To Find Yourself

What does finding ourselves even mean? A lot of the time, this search can lead us down a dark rabbit hole with nothing at the end of it.

8. Stop Being So Defeatist

How many times have you approached something new with a positive, “I sure as heck-fire can do this!” attitude?

And how many times have you approached something new with a negative, “I can’t do this” attitude?

Your attitude really can make or break you. By switching from a defeatist attitude to a winner’s attitude, you can boost your chances of success, as well as your happiness.

We’ve all got the right to be our own cheerleader. If we don’t cheer ourselves on, who else is going to?

Being happy begins with your mindset. Stop defeating yourself before you’ve even started something, and instead start building yourself up. It’s empowering and kinda fun.

9. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Just stop doing that, it would not help you , it will just only stress you

10. Stop Seeking Validation From Other People

A big stumbling block for many of us on our personal road to happiness is our need to secure validation from others before we start being happy.

We need to impress a guy with our body before we allow ourselves to feel good about how we look.

We need to impress our professor with our grades before we allow ourselves to admit that we’re smart.

We need people to “like” our Facebook statuses before we allow ourselves to admit that people like us.

Seeking validation from other people can leave you feeling unhappy, especially when they don’t give it to you. Stop trying so hard to impress others. Wearing different masks all the time is exhausting, and it takes you away from who you really are.

Just be yourself. If others come to, they come to you. If not, it’s no big loss. All that matters is that YOU feel good about yourself and what you’re doing in life.

11. Stop Doing Everything For Other People

You’re a real nice person, but you can’t help other people all the time. To be happy, it’s necessary to be kind and generous to others.

But it’s also necessary that you put yourself first.