19 Little Ways To Know If Someone Actually Loves You


So if you really want to be sure of whether your partner loves you. Look out for these little signs of true love:

1. Their behavior around you is the same as their behavior around their friends.

2. When you’re sick or busy or just not able to function properly for any reason, they’ll go above and beyond just to take care of you, to make sure you’ve had your complete meals and to take some load off you in any way possible. And everything they’ll do will be from the heart. They won’t do it as some sort of unwanted obligation.

3. If they feel like you’re being irrational about something, they won’t be scared to stop you from it. And they’ll do it because they really care, and without passing any judgement.

4. They don’t start panicking and going crazy if you forget to reply to a text or a call. They understand that you can be busy at times and that doesn’t leave them feeling insecure.

5. But that doesn’t mean they’ll keep waiting for you to text or call first. If they really want to talk, they’ll let you know through a simple ‘I miss you’ without letting their ego come in the way.