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18 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

18 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Wanting to be right all the time can cause us a lot of stress. It puts pressure on us because we’ve associated a lot of pain with being wrong.  The past is the past. It happened. But it doesn’t need to keep defining you. One thing that successful, happy people do is they take responsibility. Blaming other’s for your own mistakes takes you into a viscous cycle that is hard to get out of.  Make your peace with the past, accept that things happened, have a cold shower – and move on.

Stand up for your own decisions. Take control of matters. It puts your destiny into your own hands. Lower your expectations. Everyone has an idea of the type of person you are. And it’s tempting to believe you need to live up to that conception. If you are a perfectionist, the chances are that you rarely allow yourself to be happy. Stop it. Live up to your own expectations.

Your attitude really can make or break you. Stop Complaining,  Whatever you do, stop complaining. It will make you and others around you a lot happier!. Being happy begins with your mindset. Stop defeating yourself before you’ve even started something, and instead start building yourself up. Just be yourself, Reach out to other people. They’re ready to help you.

Change is good. And it’s about time you started embracing it. Without change, life would be boring. There would be no progress, and very little success. And try going a day without worrying and see what happens. See how it makes you feel.

Happiness is something we all want. Here are 20 things you need to give up to be happy.

Stop Blaming Other People

2. Stop Thinking About The Past

3. Stop Being Right All The Time

4. Stop Being Attached To The Wrong Things

5. Stop Being A Perfectionist

6. Stop Living Life According To What People Expect Of You

7. Stop Complaining

8. Stop Trying To Find Yourself

9. Stop Being So Defeatist

10. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

11. Stop Seeking Validation From Other People

12. Stop Doing Everything For Other People

13. Stop With The Limiting Beliefs

14. Stop Following Negative Stories On Social Media Does politics get you down? Then stop following those politics blogs!

15. Stop Resisting Change

16. Stop With The Dieting

17. Stop Worrying

18.  Stop Criticising Others



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