16 Secrets Your Boyfriend Won’t Ever Tell You Unless You Ask Him


You can’t handle the truth! Your Boyfriend has to lie through his teeth just to spare your feelings. Do you want to hear the truth? If you’ve gained weight. He will never tell you. No matter how many ways you phrase, “I think I need to lose weight,” he will change the subject, just to avoid the subject. So here are some secrets your boyfriend won’t ever tell you unless you ask him

1. He Hates Your Family

You may never find out, that your boyfriend secretly hates your family. Every time he goes to your parents’ house, he knows he’s stepping right into hell.

2. Fear of losing you

Finally, he’ll not ask you to live with him and still, the thought of you leaving him sends shivers down his spine. Therefore, men will never tell women about their fears, insecurities, and dependencies.

3. His Friends Can’t Stand You

You can’t expect everyone to like you as much as your guy does. However, if your lucky, the people who mean the most to him will welcome you into their circle with open arms. But there are bound to be a few of his friends that really can’t stand you.

4. Adult content

Men have a habit of collecting adult content. Whether that be in the form of clips or films, there’s no doubt about it, yet they’ll never accept it in front of you.

5. Commitments

He is unsure of the fact whether he’ll be able to support both of you financially. But you never forced him to bear all the expenses, then why? Well, that is what he thinks and never tells you. This is one of the most common boyfriend’s secrets.

6. Ex-girlfriends

He has been in relationships, and he’d rather like you not to stumble upon her name or in person at all. He wants his past to remain past and not affect his present with you. Consider knowing about one of these boyfriend’s secrets.

7. Bad habits

He never will resist to smoking pot with you, on the contrary, he’ll also never take the initiative to bring up the point first.

8. Cuddle all day

S3x was partly done to satisfy you, if you ask his inner self (since he’ll not tell you) then after all the action, he would want to spend the rest of night and/or day with you in his arms and nothing else in the world.

9. Insecurities

Similarly, they also have an inferiority complex when it comes to their physique or performance in bed. And, they’re constantly thinking about whether you are attracted to him or satisfied.

10. Lies told in past

Men are no saints, on the other hand, they too have a long list of wrongdoings. Lies have been a big part of their lives which women will have no clue about it unless they hire a detective to spy on their men.

11. S3xual fantasies in bed

Women have a higher s3xual urge than men, still, never think that they don’t have their own pre-mindsets. Though they’ll never express all that they want to do to you in bed.

12. Checking out other girls

This goes without saying, it’s human tendency and poor boys cannot do anything about it. So, avoid asking them “Were you checking her out?” because they’ll never reply you in favor of that.

13. Dependency on you

Take pride women, he perhaps picks up the cheque at a fancy restaurant or pulls the door for you but, he is dependent on you and would feel like standing in a no man’s land if you’re not standing beside him.

14. Wallets and Mobile phones

He will not say anything yet he’ll never like you going through his wallet or smartphone.

15. Emotional stability

They have zero, no kidding yet never think that they’ll say a ‘yes’ to it if asked. They always seek emotional support from you, doesn’t matter how self-reliant they pretend to be.

16. Your Best Friend is Hot

if you ask your guy if he thinks your best friend is pretty, he’ll deny it of course. There’s really no need for him to open up that can of worms. Don’t worry, he would never disrespect you by making a move on your best friend, but he secretly thinks she’s smoking hot