15 Tips How To Stop Missing Your Ex


Still missing the late night conversations with your ex-boyfriend? Don’t know what to do when you miss your ex-girlfriend? Can’t stop looking at your ex’s pictures? Don’t know how to get over your breakup? Feeling depressed, lonely and alone because you are unable to move on from your relationship? This post will help you to stop thinking about your ex and to put an end to a chapter in your life.

1) Cry out an emotional outburst by yourself

Crying is a way to give your emotions an outlet. You must not stop yourself from crying all the time. Allow yourself to cry and sob when you are all alone in your room. You will feel lighter once you have expelled all your emotions and energy.

Tear-less breakups are rare so don’t expect the aftermath of your breakup to be free of tears if there was the slightest of emotional connection between you and your ex. There is no point trying to hold back the tears forever.

2) Delete all your ex’s text messages from your cell phone

Couples store a lot of text messages sent to each other. A girl could be hanging on to the cutest I Like You poem from her ex-boyfriend while a guy could have saved something from when his girlfriend started flirting with him over text message. Scan through you iPhone or android smartphone and delete all the text messages received from, or sent to your ex.

3) Avoid meeting mutual friends for a while

Immediately after your breakup, stay away from people who are friends with you and your ex. Mutual friends will naturally ask you questions or say things that involve your ex. For example a mutual friend may tell you about how she had a conversation with your ex-boyfriend when they bumped into each other at the mall Avoid the inevitable mention of your ex by not meeting mutual friends unless you are sure that they are better friends of yours than your ex.

4) Remove the songs that you listened together from your playlist

Music will affect your mind, body and soul in a way that you can never imagine. You will associate memories, places and people with different songs. You must delete all the songs that you and your ex listened together if you want to eliminate the depressing side effect of missing your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

The only way to make sure that you don’t listen to such a song is to remove it from your iTunes playlist.

5) Stop all contact with your ex

Stop yourself from sending text messages to your ex, suppress your urge of talking to your ex and ignore your ex’s calls or text messages. Unless you and your ex are working together, are in the same team at school or are in a situation that demands a formal relationship, cut off all contact at least for a few weeks.