When symptoms come and stay for a long time, your body is trying to tell you that it’s time for a detox. You may be wondering, however, if a detox is right for you. If you have several of the symptoms below, consider a good detoxification program. It can truly make a difference for your sense of well-being and overall health.

1. Unexplained Headaches

Sometimes the cause of a headache is obvious but if you suffer from headache that seem to happen for no apparent reason, detoxing may help. A good cleaning program can get rid of the impurities that may be making you more vulnerable to headaches.

2. You’re Smoking Too Much

Smoking can lead to all kinds of nasty diseases, including the Big C.

But it can also lead to a few short-term problems, such as a chesty tough, discoloured teeth and unhealthy looking hair.

If you’ve been smoking way too much recently and you know it, it’s probably time to try to give it up – and to fully detox your body to flush out all the nasty carcinogenic chemicals.

3. Weight Problems

If you are overweight, a detox program can help you cleanse your body out and give it the nutrients that it is craving; detoxes can help put your body in a good position to start losing weight in a healthy and natural manner.

4. Fatigue

If you wake up tired after a good night’s sleep, and feel that way throughout the day, this is a sign that you need to detoxify. A detox can rid your body of the wastes that are stopping you from feeling energetic.

5. You Actually Rely On Caffeine To Function

Ever heard someone come up to you early in the morning and say, “Sorry, I literally cannot do anything until I’ve had my coffee”?

You might think there is nothing wrong with that, and you might even say the same thing yourself. After all, we all need a pick-me-up in the morning, right?

The problem is that caffeine is the wrong kind of pick-me-up. Addiction to caffeine means that your body will literally fall apart without it – and that is totally not a good thing. It’s time to switch to green tea and detox your body.

6. Depression

If you feel blue, this may be another way your body it telling you to cleanse. Exposure to toxins and/or a poor diet can certain add to feelings of anxiety or distress. Detoxifying, on the other hand, can help restore you to a better emotional state.

7. You Eat Lots Of Pre-Packaged Food

You might not think there is a lot wrong with eating pre-packaged food. It’s cheap and convenient, and it fills you up. So where is the problem?

Pre-packaged grub send lots of nasty stuff into your body that God never intended it to deal with. It leads to lots of bad hormones being triggered, and lots of weird chemicals running riot. In short, it just isn’t healthy at all!

So if you’ve been relying on pre-packaged badness recently, you probably need to detox your body more than anyone else.


8. Insomnia

Excessive toxins in the body can interfere with your sleep cycles and leave you awake at night, then feel very tired the next day. Detox programs restore the circadian rhythms so that you can fall asleep naturally and awake refreshed.

9. Sexual Dysfunction

Your sexual organs are just like the rest of your body: they do not function well in the presence of a toxin build-up. Many people report a stronger libido and better performance once they have completed a detox program.

10. You Can’t Focus

Isn’t brain fog horrendous? Especially in 2015 when more of us are under pressure at work to produce results quickly. A lack of focus can slow down productivity, and it can cost growth, and it can cost jobs.

If you’re suffering from a severe lack of concentration at work and just cannot complete your tasks with your usual speed, you might want to consider to detox your body. Loss of focus is often your body’s way of crying out for help, because it means that toxins have built up in your brain. Get rid of them today!

11. Unexplained Soreness

If you wake up in morning and feel stiff and sore for no apparent cause, this could also be because of a build-up of toxins in your tissues and the inflammation they can cause. A detox program can help reduce this inflammation and also the soreness that goes along with it.

12. You’ve Been Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Many of us enjoy a few drinks at the weekend, especially on Friday night when work has finished for two whole days.

But there is a difference between a few drinks in moderation, and an all-out binge marathon that causes you to phone in sick on Monday morning.

If you’ve been drinking more alcohol than usual recently, it might be time for you to detox your body. Drinking binges, especially those we have while on vacation, can take their toll on our body and they can lead to all kinds of ailments, such as a broken down immune system, sore throats and mouth ulcers.

13. Skin Issues

Chronic skin problems can be your body’s way of reacting to toxin build-up. The best way to treat this is systemically, with a detox program that will go to the root of the problem and cleanse your body of the substances that are causing the skin problems to begin with.

14. You’re Constipated

Nobody likes to admit to other people that they’re constipated. It’s just embarrassing.

But problems with your digestive system need to be addressed as quickly as possible. If you’ve tried to address it by increasing your fibre intake or altering your diet, only to find that nothing is getting better, it’s a sign that you need to detox your body.

You might not realise it but constipation could just be one symptom of a bigger problem that is often the rest of years of accumulated waste in your colon. Cleanse your body today to feel so much better.

15. Lack of Concentration

If you find it difficult to concentrate, this could be a sign that there is a buildup of substances like heavy metals, candida and other harmful substances. Detoxification can help clear these up and give a boost to your cognitive function.

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