if he does these 15 things then he clearly wants to be exclusive and is high key crazy about you.

When he thinks you look good, he knows how to say it. And his compliments are not the ‘half truth half formality’ kind, his words tell you that he means what he says and they make you feel absolutely loved; you can’t help but blush.

After some dates, he invites you to one of his all-guys hangout so that you can know them and his life better. Who does that? A guy who is really, really into you would do that because, according to him, no part of his life should stay unknown to you.

You see that glimmer in his eyes when he introduces you to people, like he has got something that other people don’t and he is more than happy to keep it. That happiness on his face when he shows you off to the world shows the extent of interest he has in you.

If not all the day then he texts you more than once a day and calls you when something comes up without hesitating. You becoming one of his favorite contacts says that he cannot pass a single day without checking on you.

He wants you to meet his family and is eager to know your and their opinions. If you are ready, he wishes to make it official and not just fool around and if you want time, he agrees to wait because that is how much all of it means to him.