1. Taking Your Partner For Granted.

Always remember why you love that special someone. Showing gratitude and paying attention to that good person by your side will only make the relationship stronger

2. Trying To Change Your Partner

If you are treating your partner like a project and constantly trying to change your partner like you want then it could be a toxic habit which can irritate your partner all the time.

3. Always Smoking

Excessive smoking is a very bad and unhealthy habit which can create a serious impact on your $ex drive and relationship. Smoking in excessive amount can considerably lower your $exual performance.

4. Masturbating All Time

If you are excessively masturbating then you will not be able to satisfy your partner because of weak erection and instant ejaculation.

5. Drugs Addiction

Drugs addiction can cause unwanted serious side-effects in your body. These drugs can trigger erectile dysfunction, low intercourse drive and orgasm points. These serious issues can destroy your healthy relationship.

6. STDs

Ignoring STDs and infections on the peni$ area can lead you to a disease that you cannot manage on your own. You may get infections like itches, rashes, boils, and sores. If you are having these infections then you must consult your doctor now.


7. Comparing Your Partner With Your Ex

If you have a habit of comparing your partner to your ex frequently between your conversations then it’s a glaring sign to your partner that you are not completely over your ex.

8. Keeping Scores Of Partner’s Mistakes

If you are keeping scores of your partner’s mistake then it can be a very unhealthy habit because the relationship isn’t a game. You need not tell your partner about how many mistakes he/she had made. Telling him/her mistake all the time can destroy your healthy relationship.

9. Always Lying.

Little white lies can add up and ruin a relationship that should be built on honesty.

9. Not Appreciating Your Partner

If you are not appreciating your partner for what he/she does then you are skipping the basic need of relationship. If you never show appreciation to your partner then your relationship may end up early.

10. Spying – Respect Their Privacy

When two people want to make it work, trust is key . Have confidence in your mate and respect their privacy: Don’t snoop through texts, emails, or bedroom drawers.

11. Weight

Eating a lot of junk food can lead you to get overweight and can decrease your performance in bed with your partner.

12. Criticizing Your Partner’s Friends And Family

If you have a habit of criticizing your partner’s friend and family then you are criticizing him/her too. Your partner may think that you are getting comfortable with them and it can destroy your relationship with him/her.



13. Having $ex With Multiple Partners

Having $ex with multiple partners without any protection can cause STDs and other major problems which are very unhealthy and uncomfortable.



14. Wants To Be Together All The Time

It’s nice to be together with your partner in a relationship but not when it starts becoming suffocating to both of you. Give your partner some space get independent and time to miss you.

15. Forgetting To Forgive.

People make mistakes, and holding on to grudges may not only hurt a relationship it could also cause unwanted stress and anxiety.