14 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off


This one is on top of every man’s list. It is an instant turn-off for men even if you are extremely attractive but does not take care of your hygiene. In 2016, there is no excuse for bad hygiene and bad body odor with countless over-the-counter deodorants and body gels

It is an instant turn-off to find out that all a woman does is talk about herself. Men are not into overly self-obsessed women. Instead, they expect to have a two-way conversation where both the parties talk about themselves and one another.

Men become instantly uninterested in women who care too much about the material things. It is even a bigger turn off when a woman expects him to shower her with expensive gifts and dinners without any special occasion.

Most men find it extremely unattractive if a woman has no life or career goals and she no idea what she wants out of life. Women without a progressive lifestyle are a turn-off especially in the 21st century where both men and women are expected to chase their life and career goals.

Overly needy and clingy women are an automatic turn off for most men. They want their partners to have a life of their own, a life that does not revolve around their attention. Moreover, it is a turn-off when men are asked about their whereabouts all the time and women expect a “daily-report” from them.

It is an instant turn-off to find out that a woman bad-mouths people behind their back and is always gossiping around about the things that do not concern her.