14 Things Men Need In A Relationship


1. Your kindness.

The world can be cruel and punishing. Our work is rough and our co-workers can be too competitive. We deal with judgment and comparisons by those closest to us. A little less judgment, a little more forgiveness and understanding from the woman we love goes a long way.

2. Your happiness.

Tell us you’re happy. Show us you’re happy. We want to be around you when you’re happy. We’ll be there during the tough times, but want to know that there are plenty of happy times and that we’re responsible for some of them. Your happiness is contagious.

3. Your praise and appreciation.

The next time we do something well, tell us you appreciated it and how it improved your life or made you happy. Tell us how it made you feel and what you liked about it. Let us know that you’re grateful we’re in your life and you appreciate our company, contribution, and companionship.

4. Your approval.

We don’t like to admit it, but often we don’t think you approve of what we do, how we behave or live. Take those opportunities when we do get it right to let us know that you approve. Tell us you approve of our decisions, our choices, or the way we handled something. Tell us you’re proud of us.

5. Your touch.

We need your touch, your caress, your kisses. Your intimacy is important to us—maybe a bit too important. When we’re touched, we feel loved. When you’re generous with your affection, you make us feel on top of the world.