14 Things A Man Doesn’t Like To Answer In A Relationship


Good relationships don’t just happen, they take work. But as anyone in good relationship will tell you, the work is worth it. For a relationship to work between a man and woman there needs to be an understanding, trust, and commitment. However, there are also questions that must be avoided in a relationship.

Let’s take a look at a few questions you should never ask your man.

1. Do You Remember Our First Kiss?

Now that’s not an easy thing for him to remember, men forget things easily. Don’t expect him to remember every small detail of your relationship with you.

2. Do You Love Me And How Much Do Love Me?

Oh well, we are pretty sure that your man loves you and there is no definite answer to how much a person can love someone. This is a childish question to ask anyhow.

3. How many women have you slept with?

keep in mind that if you ask him this question, be prepared to answer it yourself! He will naturally want to know the answer from your side too, and you might not want to reveal something so personal, and something that really has no effect on your current relationship.

3. Are Your Parents Going To Stay With Us After Marriage?

That’s a silly question to ask. He might turn around and end the relationship right there.

4. Who Is More Important You Me Or Your Best Friend?

You never know, he may choose his best friend over you, so don’t even go there.

5  If Your Ex Comes Back To You, Will You Leave Me For Her?

He has chosen you now. You are his present, that should tell you a lot more than your question itself.

6. Do You Fiddle With Yourself And How Often Do You That?

No man will ever want to share this with his woman, that’s kind of his private thing. Unless he himself tells you, don’t bring up the matter.

7  Do You Want To See Some Changes In Me?

He is not going to tell you, what changes he wants to see in you because he knows you are only asking him this to create a drama. You are not going to change anyway.

8  How Will You Prove That you Love Me?

What answer are expecting here? What things should he do to justify his love to you.

9  What Do You Like Most About Me?

He loves you as a person, a man can never pin point one thing that he loves most about you. He loves you the way are and that’s it, don’t confuse him.

10  After Breakup- Can We Still Be Friends?

Well, if he was in love with you, then love cannot be replaced by friendship at all. Either he is your man or he is not. There is no room for a mid space between you and him.

11. Can You Leave Your Wealth For Me?

This is no movie going on here, this is real life. What will you achieve by him leaving his wealth? Isn’t this a weird question to ask?

12. Will You Get Married to Another Lady If I Die?

Don’t be surprised if he turns around asks you “when are you going to die”? That’s no joke, this is turn off as it show you are very childish and men do not like girls who behave like small kids.

13. What would you do if I got pregnant?

This question depends entirely on the relationship itself, if you’ve been married for years and you’re looking to raise a family, then of course by all means, ask this question It’ll completely throw him off guard – his first thought would probably be “wait – is she pregnant?!” and if you’r not, talking about it would be completely pointless,

14. Can You Give Up Your Hobbies And Start To Spend More Time With Me?

Every man needs his personal space, asking him to cut off his personal time for you. It is like telling him that he is bind to you. Don’t even go there lady.

Source:  Candyreader Pairedlife