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14 Signs That You Are In love

14 Signs That You Are In love

If you pay attention to how you feel and act around your special someone, you should be able to figure out whether you’re really in love.

Love is That feeling when you have butterflies in your stomach, and a lot of other places in your body– a feeling everybody has experienced at one point in time or another. The feeling of love is, by itself, distinct. It doesn’t just feel like one of those many crushes you’ve had in your life. It is unique and inexplicable. Things you never thought would happen start happening to you.

There certainly exist some bizarre sings that show you are in love. Going by that, in this article, we look at the signs you are in love. We explore certain behavioral instincts that you surely wouldn’t have anticipated.

The feeling of love is above all feelings. While we explore these signs you are in love, we look at specific behaviours exhibited by humans when they are in love. So, lets move ahead…

Lets take a look at these 14 signs that you are in love.

You check your phone every 10 seconds, hoping for a text from them. You Wait Endlessly For Their Replies You keep checking your phone. Although extremely impatient, you feel like you’ve won the lottery when they reply. And you end up appreciating your own patience.

You Just Cannot Stop Thinking About Them This is one of the first signs that you are in love. The intensity of the feeling is something you definitely wouldn’t have felt before- Nothing even close to the way you felt when you had that huge crush on the beautiful girl you once met.

You Save All Their Cutesy Text Messages. It’s great having all these saved text messages. That way if the person doesn’t text you back when they’re supposed to, you can just read all their nice messages and feel all fuzzy.

You Feel You Have A Great Chemistry With Them You suddenly feel everything feels so right with them. You cannot find a single flaw in him or her. As a matter of fact, you embrace their imperfections and look at their imperfections as some form of profound perfection.

You Don’t Find Other Men Or Women Attractive This is a decisive sign that you are in love. You stop finding other men or women attractive. And guess what, your attraction to the one you feel for is only amplified. You feel he or she is the most beautiful of god’s creations- some kind of an angel.

You Want To See Them All Too Often You literally flip when you see him or her approaching. You feel intensely nervous, yet, you just want to be around them.


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