Sometimes age doesn’t matter but the mentality of a person does.

Men usually get into serious relationships without even thinking about the future.

Always give your heart to someone who can take care of it rather than playing with it. ere Some common traits can easily distinguish a girl and a woman.

So, here are 14 Signs Showing She is a Girl, Not A Woman

Social Media

A girl usually would spend time chit chatting on social media but a woman knows that it’s just another part of the entertainment.

Eager to learn

A girl might think she knows everything, but a woman would always be eager to learn new things.

Attention / Respect

A girl does everything for attention. From heavy makeup to revealing clothes all are just for attention. However women are different, they just wants respect.


Girls might now want to meet your family members but a woman always knows that whomsoever is important to you is important to her as well


A girl will always try to get help but a lady knows how to get things done herself.


You are dating a girl when she doesn’t know how and where to stop herself but a lady knows it well.

Respect is everything

For a woman, self-respect is more important, though girls seek attention. If she doesn’t care about her self-respect then she is not a woman but a girl.

Time utilisation

Girls don’t know how to utilise their spare time but a woman can do many things productive.

Being modest

Getting dressed just to show off is a girly thing, women believe is getting respect for their modesty than any other sort of attention.

Source of Entertainment

Women don’t waste much time on watching Netflix rather they read or do something more productive.


A girl is not mature enough to take relationships seriously but a grown up lady is dedicated to making your life worth.

Sharing secrets

A girl may not be able to digest your secrets and a woman knows the meaning of trust.

Eating choices

A girl always pretend to health conscious in front of you. She always has been on a salad diet when she is with you.

She eats healthy food because she wants other to love her body. Opposite to this, a woman never pretends to be health conscious and eat healthy because she love her body.