13 Warning Signs You Have A Terrible Boyfriend


1. He is constantly disappointing you.

He stiffs you on dates. He doesn’t offer to pay the bill. He forgets important dates. He never gives you any gifts. He is always disappointing you. He never lives up to any of your expectations and he treats you terribly.

3. He isn’t supportive of your goals and dreams.

He doesn’t really push you to become a better person. In fact, he doesn’t really seem to care about your life. He doesn’t support you in your pursuit of your dreams nor does he ever make you feel better whenever you’re down.

4. He doesn’t let you interact with other guys.

He doesn’t trust you enough to leave you alone with other men. He doesn’t think it’s appropriate for you to have guy friends. He is very insecure about your love for him and she he isn’t comfortable with having you surrounded by men.

5. He thinks that he is entitled to s*x whenever he wants.

He has no respect for your boundaries or for your dignity as a person. If he wants to have sex with you, he thinks he is always entitled to it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood for it or not. He always expects to have his way.