13 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheating


So here are a few things that might help you to know more about cheating:


1. Cheating makes you more playful

Of course it does because the more the merrier. When you are with so many different people, you adopt multiple behaviors and that starts appearing after a while. Plus the sex makes you friskier as well. All your senses are active at all times because who knows you might get a chance to be someone on the first meeting.

So your charm actually helps you get laid more and girls dig for guys who are funny. They often forget that if they are that good with them right when they have met with them, they must be really good at this whole dating game which means they have multiple partners.


2. People usually cheat with someone they know

Cheating seems pretty exciting at the beginning so people usually choose someone who they are familiar with and who can keep the secret as well as they can. You feel less guilty when you cheat with someone who is familiar because the comfort level is already developed and you don’t have to go through all the fatigue of dating before. It also makes them feel less guilty and getting out of it is easy too because “a friend is supposed to understand”.


3. Cheating can be defined in many ways

Cheating has many levels and for every person it has different criteria. Some people consider emotional cheating worse than physical and for some, a single kiss is unforgivable even. Sometimes, lying is worse than a one-night stand. You should know the limits to which your partner can bear your weird fetishes and if you care about them enough then you will stop before it gets too late.


5. People who fake it are more likely to be cheaters

Sex is the purest form of expressing love if it is done right. People who just fake the climax of their lovemaking are most likely to cheat on their partner. On the other hand, men tend to remain faithful to someone who orgasms regularly because it shows them how good they are and their ego does not get damaged.