Plenty of things can lead to heartbreaks like betrayals of trust, hurtful words, physical abuses, and more. That’s why it’s always important to be sensitive with people who are busy with mending their own broken hearts. Most people have had their heart broken at least once or twice in their lifetime. However, no matter how many times you have experienced heartbreak, it never gets any easier.

In order to gain a more profound understanding for people who are struggling through a heartbreak, here are 13 things that happen to people’s bodies when their heart is broken:

1. Physical Pain

Headaches. Stomachaches. Literal heartaches. These are but a few symptoms that arise after one goes through an extremely heartbreaking experience. Physical pain presents itself throughout various parts of the body when a person is forced to endure severe heartbreak. It can manifest itself in various forms and degrees.

2. Increased Stress

Increased stress levels are very complicated and they can lead to even more complex bodily dysfunctions. It leaves the body feeling very vulnerable to pain because it wears a body down heavily. Stress is best dealt with rest, leisure, and relaxation.

3. Irregular Appetites

Heartbreaks can either result in extreme cases of weight loss or severe weight gain. It depends on the kind of person that you are. Some ladies will refuse to eat anything because they lose their appetites when they’re trying to mend their broken hearts. Other ladies will choose to eat their sorrows away and drown their misfortune with food. 

4. Severe Sadness

Depression. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. Plenty of heartbreaking experiences can lead to mental deterioration. Lots of people are left psychologically unstable because of a heartbreak and they should always be treated appropriately. Don’t take cases of depression lightly.

5. Delayed Menstrual Periods

Severe stress can lead to delayed menstrual periods according to scientific studies. The severe stress brought about by a heartbreak is enough to alter a girl’s menstrual cycle in ways that other stressful experiences don’t.

6. Slowed Heart

Studies have showed that traumatic experiences like heartbreaks can cause a heart to slow down. Your heart rate may be slowing and your circulatory system may be compromised. You may need a doctor to take a look at you if that happens.