13 Stupidest Common Excuses Men Give For Not Committing


1. “I’m Not Really Looking For A Relationship

If he’s not by any stretch of the imagination searching for a relationship then why entertain him?  Besides, if love is the language your talking, you have to discover somebody who is familiar with it and it’s not him.

2. The Timing Isn’t Right

He doesn’t know how to make room in his life for anything genuine. Accusing terrible timing genuinely distorts and thinks little of the energy of discovering balance between a good, healthy and loving relationship and your profession or way of life. If he isn’t prepared to contribute, you shouldn’t be either.

3. I Really Want To Focus On My Career

This present guy’s most loved excuse is that their job activity and ambitions aspirations are all-devouring and subsequently they can’t adjust having a “distraction” like a relationship occurring in the same time.


4. Let’s Just Enjoy What We Have

At the point when a guy needs to have it both ways, this could very well be his go-to line. Having a fabulous time basically implies he needs to receive the benefits of a relationship sex included without any strings attached.

5. I Don’t Want To Ruin Our Friendship

He wouldn’t like to be more than friends. Case closed. The best romantic tales start with a delightful kinship. This is only a sugarcoated form of a similar old excuse.

6. I’m Afraid Of Commitment

They’d rather simply abstain from making the following stride in the relationship and getting a enjoying everything out of being single and unattached.