13 Silly Fights Couples Have That Only Make Them Love Each Other More


Today, we’re taking a look at 13 silly fights that can bring couples together and as a result, increase their love for each other.

1. The “You Turn Off The Light” Fight

The following is something all couples who are living together may have experienced at one point or another. Who really wants to get off the bed after being all cozy and comfy? You keep on challenging each other for getting up and shutting the lights off. Well, the laziest soul amongst the two partners eventually wins or the partner who can’t think of sleeping with the lights on has to give up. This silly argument every night engages both the partners into a playful cuddling fight.

2. The “Who Orders The Menu Item That You Both Want” Fight

You both want to try out some new cuisine or that new ice cream flavour but no one is willing to take a risk by ordering that new item as his/her menu. And now, you both are fighting for the same item because it’s yummier than you have imagined. What a lovely experience it is when you are sharing your meal with your partner and both of you are fighting for some extra share out of it.

3. The “I Think You Should Do This But I Don’t Want To” Fight

“Come on! Go ahead, I will come with you”; you push your partner into some embarrassing act and then you flee away. You partner will lovingly hate you for putting him/her into that situation.