Real men are too sensible to need affirmation and encouragement. Here are a few things you might whisper during a quiet moment.

1. “I forgive you”

And thank heaven you do. Your Man won’t get everything right the first time.

2. “I’m proud of you”

Nothing makes his heart beat faster.

3. “I’m glad you are home ”

Don’t follow this up with “because the downstairs toilet blew up” or “because the baby did some business on the new carpet.” For hubby, it feels wonderful when someone other than the dog is glad to see him.

4. “I trust you. I appreciate you. I support you.”

In other words, you’re on the same team. You have his back and you know he’s got yours.

5. “I love you”

Most wives say this one a lot, and that’s because they should.

6. “You make me feel safe”

This makes hubby want to wrap you up in his arms: you, the kids, the dog (and possibly even your mother).

7. “I believe you”

You have placed your trust well.

8. “I was wrong”

Of course you should only say this when you are actually wrong or it will quickly lose meaning. Much like saying “I’m sorry,” these words need to be heartfelt.

9. “I’m sorry”

A powerful little phrase. See above.

10. “I’m glad I married you”

It sure helps if your husband knows you’re still OK with your choice. (Note: If you say this on the same day your husband discovers a credit card charge for a handgun and ammo, it might lose its effect.

11. “I value you”

Well, don’t say it quite like this because it sounds a little clinical — like you’re selling booklets of coupons for a fundraiser. But odds are you do value your guy, so find a personalized way to tell him.

12. “You are a good dad”

This one will take his breath away — possibly because he’s chasing two kids.



Hearing these little things will make your husband want to be a better man and treat you better. He will work harder to be everything you want him to be.