12 Signs Your Man Is Probably Thinking About Breaking Up With You


If you’re not sure what’s going on in your relationship, be on the lookout for these signs of impending trouble:

1. Doesn’t feel the same

The most common sign that something is seriously wrong is that something just doesn’t feel right between the two of you anymore. Usually, this is a sign that he’s unhappy with how the relationship is going. If you’re able to talk it out, you may still be able to salvage it at this stage. If he’s not willing to open up about his issues, this might just mean you may need to prepare yourself.

2. You put all the effort into the relationship.

Simply put, some guys actually will put no effort into a relationship in hopes that the girl will get frustrated and break up with him. You shouldn’t have to shoulder 100% of the relationship weight on yourself. Do yourself a favor and beat him to the finish line by kicking him to the curb.

3. Everything is more important than you to him.

If you’re the last thing he’s worried about, and the last thing that’s ever on his mind, it’s a sign that he doesn’t care enough to keep this thing going. In fact, he’s probably already checked out.

4. He’s not even trying to be attractive to you anymore.

Shaving? He stopped doing that. Making you swoon with jokes? Hasn’t happened in a while. Though this can be chalked up to feeling comfortable in a relationship, the truth is that neither partner should ever stop chasing.

5. Your sex life is nonexistent.

If a guy loses interest in sleeping with you, it’s a sign that he’s ready to move on. This is a doubly bad sign if sex is the most common way he’s shown affection to you.

6. He’s now spending more time with female friends than you

This is basically a sign that the female friends are now taking priority over you. It’s also the definition of an emotional affair. Typically, guys aren’t the ones who have emotional affairs. If he ends up having one, it’s usually a sign that he’s already moved on without breaking up with you.

7. He’s saying things that he never would have said years ago.

If he’s calling you fat, telling you to stop being so clingy, or saying similarly hurtful things, this relationship is already dead. At this point, you’ve devolved into his personal punching bag, and any interest in your feelings have gone out the window.

8. He seems annoyed with the fact that you want attention, a date, or sex.

Should this happen, it’s a sign that he either needs space or that you need a new boyfriend… or both.

9. It’s clear that he’s looking for someone else, or that he’s already cheated.

Is he actively scoping out new girls? Did you catch him on tinder, chatting up women? If he’s looking for another mate, chances are that he’s going to dump you once he finds one. Even if he’s not going to dump you, do you really want a guy who has a side chick?


10. You no longer factor into his future plans.

Back when you first started, he’d talk about marriage and kids. Now, he’s backing away from those plans and all talk about the future has ground to a halt. The reason he stopped talking about plans with you is because he doesn’t see a future with you.

12. It’s been constant fighting.

It almost seems like he’s picking arguments at the drop of a hat. He’s accusing you of things you didn’t do. The smallest things set him off. Every day is an explosion of anger and vitriol from his mouth. If he’s taking this route, it’s because he’s actively trying to come up with a reason to break it off without him having to take all the blame.

13. You can’t agree on major life decisions.

You want two kids, he wants none. Being unable to agree to major life decisions often means that you will end up splitting up.

H/T:  Bolde